A New Start

After an apartment fire tragically took his home this winter, Mr. Lee’s primary concern was the safety and comfort of his dog Ellie, a nine year old pit bull terrier. Through the Meals on Wheels Central Texas PALS program, Mr. Lee was able to get pet supplies including bowls, bedding, blankets, toys, treats, and food for Ellie. Receiving these supplies freed up time and energy Mr. Lee needed so he could focus on finding a new home and replacing items lost in the fire. However, he still had concern for Ellie – not only was she due for her annual wellness visit, but she also had some suspicious lumps and needed to be looked at.  Thankfully, Ellie was also enrolled in the LEAP program, which provides Ellie with veterinary care at no cost to Mr. Lee. Ellie received her annual exam, vaccinations, preventatives, and even mass removals at the start of the year. Ellie and Mr. Lee are moving forward now, settling into their new home, and looking forward to the rest of the year. 

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