Animals Impacted by Hurricane Harvey Thank You

To all the people, businesses, organizations, and communities that have donated to our Disaster Relief fund: THANK YOU.

The level of support that we have received for the animals and veterinarians impacted by Hurricane Harvey has been unprecedented, and our ability to help the animals and veterinarians impacted by this storm would not have been possible without your help.

While the flood waters have receded, the impact of Hurricane Harvey is still being felt in communities up and down the Texas coast, and veterinarians are still involved in the recovery efforts: caring for stray animals, reuniting lost animals with their owners, and rebuilding/repairing clinics damaged by the hurricane.  Every day, your donations are being put to work, helping these recovery efforts.  This would not be possible without your generosity.  Thank you.

Harvey Donor List

We are deeply grateful to all donors. If your name has been misspelled,
displayed incorrectly or inadvertently excluded, please accept our apologies.