Celebrating Two Years of Impact in Houston

The TVMF LEAP* (Lending Economic Assistance for Pets) program in Houston is a partnership between the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF) and InterFaith Ministries for Greater Houston aniMeals.  The goal of this program is to provide veterinary care free of charge to the pets of clients currently enrolled in Meals on Wheels services through InterFaith Ministries. 

The LEAP program first launched in Houston in October of 2017 with a visit at Washington Heights Veterinary Clinic. The first pet seen through the program was a chihuahua mix named Dena (pictured above with Dr. Case) who had never been to the veterinarian before. Despite it being her first visit and her first time away from home, Dena did great at her appointment, was brought up to date on her vaccines, got a nail trim and a full set of heartworm and flea preventatives, and received a clean bill of health!   

For pets like Megan (shown above with Dr. McAdoo of Washington Heights Veterinary Clinic), the LEAP program can be the difference between receiving veterinary care or not. Megan is a beloved companion to her owner, and serves as a daily provider of love and companionship. Many of the seniors served through Meals on Wheels programs live alone, and for many their pets are their primary daily companions. By keeping pets like Dena and Megan healthy, the LEAP program is removing a significant source of potential stress for their owners, giving them the comfort of knowing that their furry companions will receive the veterinary care they need.

The LEAP program promotes and supports the well-being of some of our most vulnerable community members, preserving these important human-animal bonds, enhancing the quality of life for these vulnerable individuals, and ensuring that none of our TVMF LEAP clients have to choose between their caring for their pet and their own necessities.  

*The TVMF LEAP program was formerly known as the TVMF PALS program.