Dr. Eve Gerome Memorial Scholarship, Est. 2023

The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Dr. Eve Gerome Memorial Scholarship endowment.

This scholarship in memory of Eve Gerome, DVM, will provide invaluable support to deserving students from rural areas pursuing their dreams of becoming veterinarians in an extension of her life and legacy.

A graduate of the Class of 1985, Dr. Gerome is highly respected and known for her earnest compassion for both animals and people. She practiced in Fannin County, where she became a pillar of the community and caretaker of everyone’s four-legged friends. Dr. Gerome was very dedicated to mentoring young veterinarians and students. In fact, Dr. Gerome mentored current TVMA President Dr. Jodi Long.

“She was not one who sought attention, but she has had such a tremendous impact on me and so many others,” Dr. Long said. “Dr. Gerome is the reason I became a veterinarian from Fannin County, and I often think of her to this day. This scholarship is an amazing way to commemorate her and her devotion to veterinary medicine.”

Dr. Gerome passed away in January, and her caring and humble nature is remembered by myriad people and animals. TVMF is honored to carry on her compassion and legacy through this scholarship that will empower the next generation of veterinarians.

The Dr. Eve Gerome Memorial Scholarship has been generously established by Dr. Jodi Long. Anyone may contribute to the scholarship to honor Dr. Gerome and further enhance the impact of the scholarship. Your support ensures that no matter where you come from, pursuing your dream to be a veterinarian is possible.

For those interested in establishing or contributing to a TVMF scholarship, please contact TVMF Director of Development Casey McBee at 512-610-6671 or cmcbee@tvma.org.