Give Smart and Reap the Benefits!

How often do you consider alternative ways to give back? Have you ever considered making a non-cash gift to the Foundation? How about planning out the legacy you wish to leave? Surely, you have considered ways to lower your taxable income!

Believe it or not, non-cash giving is far easier than it sounds. More and more people are choosing non-cash routes when giving back to charity.

Non-cash is often the smarter way to give – both for the charity and the donor – and it is just as easy as writing a check. Alternative ways to give back allow you to become equally, if not more, invested in the Foundation’s good work.

“TVMF feels like a part of my family. I am thankful for their work to help animals and people in need. They are making a big difference, and I am proud to be a supporter.”

We believe in guiding our donors to creating the greatest impact possible in highly personalized ways. Together, we consider you, your interests, the legacy you wish to leave, and much more.

  • Wills & Estates – Include the Foundation in your will or estate plans. No amount is too small to leave a legacy.
  • Gifts of Stock – Non-cash giving = smart giving. Do you have any winners in your stock portfolio?
  • Employer Match – Ask your company if they match donations! Your contribution will likely be doubled.
  • QCDs – Gift directly out of your IRA and reap the tax benefits! Do this before the end of the year for maximum tax savings.
  • Retirement Plans – Simply mention the Foundation as a beneficiary. Yes, it’s that easy!
  • Donor-Advised Funds – 1 in 5 gifts come from DAFs. Make one-time donations or set up recurring donations using your DAF!

Call Casey McBee, Director of Development, at 512-610-6671 to discuss your non-cash options further. Remember to consult your tax advisor, and let the Foundation know if you are planning a gift!