Giving Back to Strengthen the Veterinary Profession

An Extension of a Veterinarian’s Care and Compassion

Giving back is an integral part of any community, including the veterinary community here in Texas. Whether through volunteering, charitable donations or the simple act of spreading kindness, giving back initiates a chain reaction of positivity and support within and beyond your sphere of influence. 

As members of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA), veterinarians in Texas have a charitable ally close at hand to help them give back to their profession and the communities they serve—the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF). Established in 1978 as the philanthropic partner for TVMA, TVMF is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that leverages veterinarian partnerships and financial resources in order to support the veterinary profession by providing financial assistance in times of crisis, connecting veterinarians with opportunities to serve their communities, advocating responsible animal ownership and promoting and improving the well-being of animals. 

All TVMF programs are 100% donor-funded, and every dollar that is donated is ultimately reinvested in the veterinary profession for a charitable purpose. As a nonprofit by veterinarians and for veterinarians, TVMF is conscientious of the profession and what it takes to sustain effective, veterinary-friendly philanthropy. For example, TVMF’s Lending Economic Assistance to Pets (LEAP) Program extends veterinary care to the pets of homebound, elderly and disabled clients of nonprofits like Meals on Wheels. TVMA member veterinarians who offer their services to the LEAP Program are generating goodwill and charity in their community through veterinary medicine while being appropriately compensated for those services by TVMF.

In a profession where freebies are expected and there is a growing prevalence of subsidized care from non-veterinary-friendly entities, TVMF seeks to provide alternative yet effective avenues for giving back that veterinarians can trust.

With a compelling mission and expansive roster of programs, TVMF has been fortunate to have many individuals, including TVMA members, contribute to the Foundation over the years, whether by donating their time and expertise to the LEAP Program or financially supporting a TVMF initiative that is close to their heart, such as emergency grants for veterinary students.

Others give back by volunteering to serve on the TVMF Board of Trustees. One such TVMA member and longtime Foundation advocate is Dr. Tracy McAdoo, a longtime TVMF Board Trustee who was officially elected as TVMF’s new president in September. 

Engaging with TVMF is especially rewarding, as our Foundation plays a pivotal role for the industry in supporting veterinary students, practicing veterinarians, loyal clients and their beloved pets —Dr. Tracy McAdoo

“I am thrilled to assume the role of TVMF’s president. There is great fulfillment that comes with serving and extending a helping hand to individuals and pets in times of hardship. We have come so far, and I am excited to continue building on our momentum.”

Meet Dr. Tracy McAdoo!

Dr. Tracy McAdoo joined the TVMF Board of Trustees in 2012. In 2017, she was elected vice president of the Foundation and then became president in 2023. A graduate of the Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Dr. McAdoo has been practicing small animal medicine in the Houston area since her graduation in 1985. She currently owns and practices at Washington Heights Veterinary Clinic and is a past president of the Harris County Veterinary Medical Association and past district director for TVMA. Read on to learn more about Dr. McAdoo’s passion for TVMF in her own words:

I joined the Foundation by being at the right place at the right time—or just luck. TVMF was looking for a new trustee, and they ideally wanted someone from the Houston area. They reached out to me for a recommendation, and I volunteered myself! At the first meeting, I was completely blown away by the commitment and passion the trustees had for the Foundation’s mission, and this continues to amaze me even today. What a privilege it is to be part of such a great group of dedicated and successful colleagues.

I accepted the positions of vice president and now president because I hoped I could contribute to the leadership of this group. Having been on the TVMA Board of Directors for years and then spending significant time on the Foundation board, I feel like I have a good working knowledge of both organizations and the importance of maintaining our strong connection.

My goal for the Foundation is to continue to grow and develop a sustainable model for our wonderful outreach programs. I also am very focused on increasing veterinary involvement in the Foundation so we can serve our colleagues’ needs to the greatest extent.

I love all of our programs, but I have a special interest in the Rusk Veterinary Grants. These grants really show the duality of the Foundation. The public-facing part of these grants allows us to help individuals to receive life-saving care for their pet who is a valued family member. They uphold the importance of the human-companion animal bond. On the veterinary side, the grants allow our member veterinarians to solve a medical problem for their valued clients. As veterinarians, we do not like to say we cannot help, and with these grants, we do not have to. In addition, this showcases the veterinarian as the professional who steps up and resolves a problem for someone in their community. We know that veterinarians are doing this already, but this gives us an opportunity to shine a very positive light on our profession. To give back is invaluable to me and to our profession as well.”

Even amid challenges and setbacks over the years, TVMF’s momentum toward successfully assisting the lives of people and animals in Texas is evident, especially as the scope of TVMF programs has grown during the past decade. A recent example of this in action came through the creation of TVMF’s first endowed scholarship, the Dr. Eve Gerome Memorial Scholarship. Established by current TVMA President Dr. Jodi Long, this endowed scholarship aims to support veterinary students from rural areas and pays tribute to Dr. Gerome’s impact within the industry. An avid mentor, the late Dr. Gerome inspired and educated countless young veterinarians, including Dr. Long. Establishing a scholarship in Dr. Gerome’s name created a vehicle for Dr. Long to give back while also honoring her longtime mentor.

“Dr. Gerome is the reason I became a veterinarian from Fannin County, and I often think of her to this day,” Dr. Long said. “This scholarship is an amazing way to commemorate her and her devotion to veterinary medicine.”

In addition to honoring her dear friend and role model, Dr. Long has set an amazing precedent for Texas veterinarians and industry leadership by investing her hard-earned money back into the profession and then encouraging others to invest in that cause as well. 

“Many are familiar with your local community foundations, and in that same way, TVMF is the community foundation for our veterinary community here in Texas,” Dr. Long said.

“To invest in TVMF in this way not only honors my mentor and supports veterinary students but also shows a commitment to my veterinary family now and for generations to come.” —Dr. Jodi Long

Dr. McAdoo agreed and hopes to witness the creation of more TVMF investments like Dr. Long’s.

“Investing in the veterinary profession through TVMF is more important now than ever before,” Dr. McAdoo said. “Together, we are ensuring the continued growth, development and sustainability of a field that plays a fundamental role in the well-being of our communities and their cherished animal companions. By supporting veterinary students, practicing veterinarians and clients in need, we not only enrich their lives but also contribute to the broader fabric of compassion and care.” 

Supporting TVMF means strengthening the bonds within our community as well as strengthening the bonds with the general public. By promoting the good work and charity of veterinary professionals in Texas, the Foundation bolsters the selflessness, care and compassion that define the veterinary profession. 

“I am so proud to be a part of this caring, thoughtful group of professionals,” Dr. McAdoo said. “We sincerely appreciate any contributions from our veterinary community so we can continue to serve our profession, help people and animals in need and pursue our shared goals.” 

TVMF extends its heartfelt appreciation to Dr. McAdoo for her steadfast dedication, leadership and passionate commitment to the Foundation’s mission, and we are equally grateful to individuals who share her passion. Dr. Long’s inspiring example of generosity further highlights the collective impact of philanthropy, enabling TVMF to offer even more substantial support to future veterinary professionals and the animals they care for across Texas.

Whether you chose to invest or simply give back each year, you too are establishing your charitable legacy within the profession you are devoted to. TVMF, as the community foundation for the veterinary profession, stands as a conduit for potential, channeling the generosity and dedication of individuals like Dr. Long into a legacy of kindness, giving and progress. 

Contact TVMF at 512-452-4224 or visit to learn more about giving back and making an impact.