Helping Lucy Eat Again

Lucy is a 12-year-old chihuahua belonging to the Torres family of east Austin. Mr. & Mrs. Torres have been receiving services from Meals on Wheels Central Texas for three years, and for the last two years their two chihuahuas, Lucy and Georgia, have been receiving basic veterinary care—including annual exams, vaccines, and flea and heartworm preventative—through the LEAP program. The LEAP program is a partnership between the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation and Meals on Wheels organizations to provide veterinary care free of charge to the pets of homebound Meals on Wheels recipients. For people like Mr. and Mrs. Torres, the LEAP program has been indispensable in allowing them to care for Lucy and Georgia. With a limited income and a variety of medical issues of their own, including a history of cancer and stroke, affording veterinary care was often difficult.

Recently, Mr. and Mrs. Torres became concerned about Lucy’s health; she was having trouble eating and was clearly unhappy. A visit with Dr. Harris of North Austin Animal Hospital revealed that Lucy was suffering from serious dental disease. Dr. Harris performed a dental surgery and removed 17 teeth! Lucy is now back home and recovered from her surgery. We are happy to say that she is eating pain-free once again!

Visit today and donate to support the LEAP program so that we can continue providing care to beloved companions like Lucy!