Honor the Veterinary Profession with a Legacy Gift

Have you considered including TVMF in your will or other estate plans? Including TVMF in your plans reflects your commitment to the profession of veterinary medicine, your dedication to improving the well-being of Texas animals and your support of the next generation of veterinary students.

Leaving a gift to TVMF—by bequest in your will or trust, through an IRA, 
or other financial account—is a way to ensure that your values endure. It’s a way of extending your reach beyond the bounds of time to support future veterinarians and to ensure that companion animals throughout Texas receive a high level of veterinary care. It’s a way of honoring your commitment to your profession with a legacy that will help protect it.

It’s an exceptional kind of stewardship.

Many people like to leave a gift to charity in their will or revocable trust, because it is a way to plan for a significant contribution, even if you feel that the time is not right for one today. For Harold Wayne Ray DVM (TAMU-CVM ’71), of Orange, TX, including TVMF in his plans was a way of honoring the profession that he loved. When Dr. Ray passed away in 2017, it was discovered that he had included several charities and organizations in his will, including the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation. To his family and friends, this was not a surprise. Dr. Ray was passionate about his profession, and wanted to make a gift that would have a lasting impact.

Including a Bequest in Your Will or Trust
The language below provides a template for including a gift to TVMF in your will. Please contact TVMF’s team for additional information. You may also wish to consult with your attorney.

I bequeath __________ (dollar amount or % of estate) to the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, with its principal offices located in Austin, TX, for its ongoing work to promote the well-being of animals and the veterinary profession . Tax ID # 74-1983485.

For more information, please contact Danielle Madrid, Director of Development & External Relations at 512-452-4224 or dmadrid@tvma.org.