Keeping Families Together: Tootie

This spring Tootie, a two-year old, 11 pound terrier mix, was attacked by a much larger dog. The attack left him with severe wounds, including an open chest wound with a collapsed lung. His owner, Carol K. was very upset and didn’t know what to do. Tootie’s injuries were so severe that without surgery, he would be unable to heal. “Tootie is part of our family and we don’t want him to die,” wrote Carol. “Our family needs Tootie to be ok.”

Tootie’s veterinarian, Dr. Anthony Holcomb of Cherokee Animal Clinic, turned to TVMF’s Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grants for help. “They really love Tootie,” he said. “He means a lot to their family.” Tootie’s grant application was approved quickly and Tootie was able to get the surgery he needed. After surgery, Tootie recovered well and was bright and happy for this recheck exams. 

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