In Memory Of: Achilles

Achilles Anguiano Berriochoa
December 3, 2004 – July 28, 2018
Achilles was the greatest puppy ever!! Smart, loving, obedient (well when he wanted to listen), communicative, guard dog, and family puppy.
He was a little greedy with food, loved his snacks, and always enjoyed sharing French fries. He loved belly rubs, nose kisses, his bath (playing in the water), loved running, fetching, and just playing.
He was a great dad to his puppies—Oso, Brutus, Drake, and Pi—always watching out for Annie too.
He went to puppy college and graduated with flying colors. He was mischievous, sneaky, and a little spoiled. He was great.
Achilles was my buddy, friend, and companion. He always greeted me with his own special way, like a bark and/or whine because, of course, he needed food, water and belly rubs!
He was brave and fought a long time to stay with us, but he is at peace now, no longer in pain. He will always be loved and missed.
Thank you Dr. Maza — Lola, Achilles, Orianna.

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