In Memory Of: Anci McClain

Anci, our fearless hunting Vizsla Princess was a big old scardy cat. We love her and miss her so much.If you were a rabbit, bird, rat or squirrel you better not come in our yard, she could find and track down any scent , her sister and litter mate Bella would look to her to find these creatures then join in and help her hunt them down. But if there was thunder or fireworks nearby, she was the biggest scardy cat and had to sit on one of her daddy’s laps till it was all gone. She was a fearless protector of her daddy Kevin, no other dog except her sister could get near him or they would feel her wrath. Anci passed away unexpectedly on December 18, 2018. They diagnosed her with a ruptured spleen possibly from Hemangiosarcomas also called the silent killer. There was not much they could do. So we decide to let her go in peace. Her two daddy’s and her sister were with her when she passed. This broke our hearts, everyday with out her hurts us.

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