In Memory Of: Atlas

Atlas Aleman was born on April 19, 2012. He spent his first year and a half at the San Antonio Humane Society. My husband and I decided we wanted to rescue a dog and upon searching online, the moment I saw his face I knew he was the one for us. He brought life to our home and his character was contagious. We rescued a second dog 6 months after adopting Atlas so he would have a companion. He and his brother Apollo were inseparable, you would think they were from the same mother. Atlas’s passing came very fast and was unexpected. We took him to the vet because he was not deficating and he was urinating less and less. Immediately the doctor knew something was wrong and after a few tests and x-rays we were told he had bladder cancer and there was nothing that could be done. My heart broke that day. February 13, 2020 will forever be a day I will remember. I would give anything to have my baby back but as long as he is no longer in pain, I have some solace in knowing I did the right thing.

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