In Memory Of: Bella

We found Bella wandering at an apartment complex at 10 weeks old, evidently dumped. She was such a happy puppy and came running to visit when we found her. She was such a sweet baby girl that her puppy obedience instructor made the comment that God had gifted us with a wonderful puppy.

She was smart, loving and loved a squeaky toy. Her favorites were a yellow (very loud) squeaky bone and a purple caged squeaker ball that went with her everywhere. She loved to howl with the fire engine sirens and go for rides. We still expect to hear her on the deck howling when the fire trucks go by. We miss that howling. At about 3 months, she discovered the feather pillows on our couch. I gasped when I came into the room and saw feathers every where and Bella sitting in the middle of them just really happy with her tail wagging whipping up the feathers. It has been a few months since she left and we miss her and remember her every day.

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