In Memory Of: Biggles

We found Biggles one hot day in 2008 where a culvert ran under the road, and he was sheltering there. He was covered in mud and blood, about one year old. He jumped into the back of the car, and then it was straight to the vet’s for a check-up.

In 2010 his right front paw was stomped on by one of our rescue horses, and thus began a year of trying to save that leg. It simply would not heal due to a staph infection and amputation was the only answer. We tried a prosthetic but he would simply shake it off every time and run on three legs. We regularly took all our rescue dogs out into the fields and ponds, but Biggles didn’t like to swim anymore.
When he was about 13 the loss of that front leg started to tell on him, so we got a buggy to wheel him around. From there it just got harder and harder for him until we were having to lift him on and off his buggy “to do his business”. And then it got too hard for us to do all that lifting without hurting ourselves. He was 15 at the end.

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