In Memory Of: Blanche

When Tom and I moved into our house in 1975, our neighbor, Mr. Callahan, had two indoor white, deaf cats. When they would get out, Tom and I would help him get them back inside. Fast forward to 2018 and a slim white cat showed up at our front door agreeing to let Barbara feed her Sheba treats. Barbara named her Blanche after her grandmother, and then Blanche met Tom, fell in love with him, came in each morning for the breakfast he prepared, and spent time with him reading the paper before going out as her feral self required. Tom died in October 2020, and Blanche would no longer come inside. Having promised Tom to take good care of Blanche, I fed her her favorite food twice a day, but over the next four months she stopped eating and lost a lot of weight. The vet said she had cancer, and rather than try to force her to become an indoor cat and defy her feral nature for a few more months of life, I let her go. Now Blanche lives on in honor of Callahan’s cats and our lives here.

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