In Memory Of: Bobo

Bobo was a 20 yr old arthritis-high-blood-pressure-thyroid-kidney cat who was lovingly dubbed “little old lady baby.” She held on through job changes, hurricanes, and part of a pandemic (to make sure her mama was going to be okay, I’m sure.) Bobo was sassy in her younger days and mellowed with age. She was the world’s most effective alarm clock and a pillow hog. Bobo loved to hop inside of laundry baskets and empty boxes. She’d crawl under blankets in the winter and greeted her mama at the door when when she returned home from work. Bobo kept dibs on anyone in the house. If her mama walked into a different room while she was sleeping, she’d come looking when she woke up. Bobo was jealous of distracting electronic devices and would wedge herself into her mama’s arms insisting on extra snuggles. (Her mama’s lap was Bobo’s favorite place to be.) Bobo was mostly a one person cat and she trained her human well. It was as if we were divinely matched on this planet to rescue each other.

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