In Memory Of: Boris

Boris was up for adoption at the animal shelter. It was his euthanasia day because nobody would adopt him due to his wonky ear. One of my cats died, and my best friend went to the shelter and Boris reached out of the cage and hooked his arm. He adopted him and brought him to me 17 years ago. Boris was the most loving, outgoing, silly kitty. He was the “kitty ambassador” at my house as I’m always rescuing abandoned and stray cats. He would welcome each new cat or kitten and show them the routine. He slept with me every night, under the covers, using my arm for a pillow. He was always on or near me at all times. He developed a stuffy nose and 2 courses of antibiotics didn’t clear it. He stopped eating and drinking, and even with fluids, he got too dehydrated and weak. The vets tried everything they could think of. He just couldn’t pull through. I held him and kissed him and he crossed rainbow bridge knowing that I loved him. He left his paw prints on my heart forever.

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