In Memory Of: Brandy

Brandy was literally the best dog, ever. I met her when I was in veterinary school in St. Kitts, where she was a teaching animal for the school. She was used for 2 years as a method to help train veterinary students how to perform physical exams, palpate anatomical structures, she was spayed by students, and she had a dental procedure performed by students. All in all, she helped over 2000 students learn how to be a veterinarian.

When I adopted Brandy, she lived with me in St Kitts for another year. We had so many adventures on the island… going to the beach, hiking volcanoes and mountains, fishing together, etc. She then came back to the US with me and we spent a year in Minneapolis/St Paul where I finished my DVM school at the University of Minnesota. I always wondered if the stateside dogs felt like Brandy had a Carribean accent. I can say the snow was a huge change for my “coconut retriever.”

I will miss her so much, but I know I’ll see her again.

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