In Memory Of: Buddy

I named him Buddy because I knew he would be just that, a real Buddy. He lived up to his name each and every day – almost 13 years’ worth. He was the epitome of Golden Retriever: loyal, gentle & completely focused on his family. He knew when any of us was upset and would comfort us. He also knew when any of us was happy and was there to celebrate as well.

As you can see in the picture, he was our mailman. Every day he came to the mailbox and if I forgot to give him a letter, he would paw or nudge me as a reminder. He did this without training, just gave himself this job one day. Every day he looked forward to doing his job and was so proud to do so!

Just like any beloved pet, it will be impossible to find another just like him. We will miss his kind spirit and wonderful demeanor. We were blessed to be his humans and will forever miss him. I love you Goldie!

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