In Memory Of: Buddy

Buddy lived up to his name in every way. Friend to all; enemy to no one. He was only going to be with us for 4 months but he stayed for over 12 years. He deserved a great life since he was the best of dogs, and that’s what we gave him.

Fights with his brother, tons of ball throwing, swimming after tennis balls at Emma Long park, a crazy tubing adventure, daily walks at the park, a road trip to New Orleans where he got stuck in a bush, and a road trip to New Mexico where he got to experience mind-blowing elevators. He loved meeting new dogs, kids and people. He loved his nightly “lovey-doveys” with his dad. He loved his treats, playing find the treats and pup-cup. He had too many favorite foods to name.

He became an “uncle” to two lab cats which he loved to watch run around once he couldn’t play as much himself. We modified our playing the last few years to not involve much running and even at the end, he would want to play almost daily.

We love you, Buddy. Forever and ever.

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