In Memory Of: Buddy Dupree

Mr Buddy was the most loving and sweet boy that we have ever met. All he really wanted was to love and be loved and of course, enjoy an occasional treat. Eat-Eats, Outside Bye-bye, and Ride were some of his favorite activities He would always let you know how excited he was to participate in any of these, by running in circles and giving you kisses on the nose. His quirky personality made us laugh everyday – his hands had to be crossed at all times while lounging, he hated being alone so much that he would drag his doggy bed with him into whatever room of his house that people were in, so that he could always be a part of what was going on. He couldn’t fall asleep in bed unless cuddling w/ one of his parents to make sure they were there. And often on walks, he would stop dead in his tracks to lift his head, close his eyes and feel the breeze in his hair. Buddy boy was loving to all he met. He lived a good, long life and made ours sweeter. He will be deeply missed and cherished forever

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