In Memory Of: Bugsy

I received Bugs when he was about 2 months old. He was actually born on my birthday and he lived 8 years with me, my husband and his brother, Harley. Harley and Bugs are Ragdoll cats. Bugs had a sweet and gentle disposition. He would greet you at the door, he would follow commands like “night night” and he would go get into his bed. He would come and snuggle on the couch with you. He was so special. He would hide when it was medicine time but always would come back and rub against your leg to say thanks for taking care of him. Bugs became ill about 3 years ago and was diagnosed with Heart and lung disease and was given about a year to live. This devastated me. I took Bugs to Northside Animal Hospital in Waco and also to Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic where they both have excellent doctors. Bugs lived surprisingly 3 years. He passed away on May 3, 2017. He will always be remembered as my special baby and I will miss him dearly. I want to thank especially Dr. Bruno Boutet at Texas A&M.

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