In Memory Of: Buster

I got Buster from the Humane Society of Southeast Texas when I was a single gal. He was with me through my marriage, kids, hurricanes, etc. He was fiercely protective of his family, but yet the sweetest, most gentle dog ever. He loved to be held ‘like a baby’ on his back. Buster was always so smart, and it was like talking to another human. He got slower in his older age, and had some arthritis issues. We started treating him like a king, pampering him and showering him with love and affection. I called him my ‘old man.’ He went downhill fast with some cancer growths and it was very hard during his last week. I could tell he was on his way out. We took gentle care of him the best we could and talked to him constantly. He left us on February 20, 2022. We were with him when he took his last breath, and I can only hope he then crossed happily over the Rainbow Bridge where his health and body were restored and he could play to his heart’s content. Bus, I will love you always!

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