In Memory Of: Cassie

In memory of Cassie, who brightened the lives of Rita and Tom Zellner from 2015-2022. We were so pleased to receive their announcement. “May we present Cassie! We don’t know much about her, but we do know she must have been well taken care because she is so lovable and wants to be with us all the time. She is well-mannered and obeys commands quite well. She was at the NorCal Doberman Rescue in Red Bluff, California. When we lost Heidi in September, we were adamant that another dog was not going to come into our lives, but now we are so happy to have her. She has floppy ears and a crooked tail that we think may have been broken. We love her floppy ears as they soften her looks and are really enjoying this “little love bug”! Heidi was a coast girl who liked cool weather; Cassie is a valley (CA) gal who’d rather have a little sun and warmth. We send our love – Barbara & Tom who have shared our dog-loving friendship for many years!

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