In Memory Of: Charlie

Charlie was a rescue dog at Lone Star Shelter, Midland, Texas. While giving the staff his future home information, I realized I didn’t have the money to pay for his chip and vaccinations. The staff told me that I could leave him on the chair and that they’d watch him until I got back. When I got back, he was still sitting in our chair and looking out the door. The staff said that he never moved during the time that I was out of the office. He was my dog and I was his! The staff indicated that he was approximately 10 years old.¬†Charlie loved to play “fetch” with his little brown stuffed toy even after the stitching holding the head on was nearly gone.¬†After 6 years with us, his kidneys and bladder were failing. He’d wet himself while sleeping and while walking. It wasn’t until the carpet was really stained that I made a painful decision. Animal Clinic & Hospital of Midland had taken care of him for all these years. I held Charlie until death. He will not be forgotten.

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