In Memory Of: Charlotte

Our beloved Charlotte was our first girl-cat and the twin littermate of the late Wilbur. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the 14th of May, 2019.

When we adopted them, they were going by Sissy and Bubba. And, even though Sissy was one of my mother’s nicknames, it didn’t suit Charlotte at all.

My mother’s “Sissy” was classy and sophisticated; short for Narcissa. But, I’d be damned if I named MY kids after characters from Urban Cowboy. So, at the suggestion of my dear father-in-law, we named her and her brother after characters in one of my favorite childhood books: Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte hadn’t been well for awhile and it was time, but, it’s never easy to say goodbye. The heartbreak of being a parent to furkids is you generally outlive them.

Charlotte was a wonderful, valued family member for 16+ years & we will carry her in our hearts forever. She was a very low-maintenance little girl with a great disposition and I miss her so much. RIP, my sweet angel.

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