In Memory Of: Cleo

19 years ago, Cleo came into my life at three months old and in September we said goodbye forever. She was my best friend for so long and I don’t know what I’ll do without her. She had a huge heart but gave the whole thing to me, I was her person and she didn’t need anyone else. She taught me how to care about someone else more than myself. She saw me through some of the best and worst times- she helped me to grow up. She patiently sat by me as her fur absorbed thousands of tears, millions of kisses, untold “I love you’s”. When everything else changed, she was always there- my home. She loved to find the most cavernous spots in the house to “sing” in and chasing her laser pointer. She got sick quickly and I’ve always done everything I could to keep her from pain and she let me know when she was tired. I feel like my whole heart is gone, I am still looking back and expecting to see her behind me- my constant shadow. I want her to be remembered- I will never forget her. Goodbye, my love.

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