In Memory Of: Curly Joe Lacy

Curly Joe was my boy. He was born in my closet and has been my boy ever since. He had a personality all of his own. Loved to run and get his toy and was so funny to watch. Especially if you tried to pull a fast one over on him. He would wake me up at about 2 a.m., wanting to crawl up and lay beside me. He was a sweet boy. He was 13 years 153 days old when he went to Heaven and see his Moma Sammie. Curly developed an oral melanoma tumor under his tongue. Within weeks it had completely taken over one side of his mouth and it started growing, hanging over one side of his gum. It continued to grow until I had to hand feed and water him. After about 4 days of him hardly eating or drinking anything, I decided to put him to sleep. I did not want to watch him starve to death. Dr. Gorman was so compassionate and understanding. He took care of Curly since birth. I hope to see my Curly Boy and Sammie when I leave this earth.

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