In Memory Of: Drago

Drago was our first mastiff and was our “Baby Bear”. He loved us so much and adored me like no other that I have had before. He gave off a strong powerful presence in his yard and his home. Yet his favorite thing to do was play with our granddaughter whenever she came over. Always meeting us at the door with a toy in his mouth and tail wagging. He always liked to be where we were, he never ran from us and was an all around wonderful gentle giant.
My favorite thing to do was always to take him with me when we went someone like Lowes, because this breed is not one you see that often around here. He was always a wonderful gentlemen and loved the ladies.
Most of all he was my baby and I could not do anything without him being right by my side. So it is heartbreaking that my baby is gone and there is a huge whole in our hearts now that he is gone . He will always be with us and he will always be with me.

Miss you and Love You Baby Bear….
Love your Momma and Daddy

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