In Memory Of: E. G./ Eddie G

EG was a 10 year old Apple head Chihuahua. He loved everyone. He was mom’s little snuggle buddy and was perfectly content being carried around everywhere. While doing dog rescue in 2012 I pulled him from a shelter in Grand Prairie, Tx with intention of getting him adopted into a forever home. Which ended up being mine. In 2020 he had is gall bladder removed. Continued to have chronic hepatitis and GI disease. Went through two blood transfusions in January of 2022 due to zinc toxicity from a zinc supplement. And then in July 2022 was diagnosed with diabetes due to the steroids he was on for his GI and liver. Once we finally got that under control he ended up with a calcium level so low it was almost undetectable. Stayed in ICU for four days and was so sick I decided to let him go. But my heart will forever be crushed. I loved this little man with all of my heart and soul.

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