In Memory Of: Gracie

We rescued Gracie when we moved to a new house. It was freezing cold that night we saw her and she was just sitting there looking at us on the sidewalk. My wife has a huge heart for animals and we decided to take her home and warm her up. We could tell she was a domestic cat because of the way she took to us almost immediately as if she was grateful to be in a warm house. She was ill when we got her with malnutrition and a skin disorder, but soon recuperated. Gracie loved to be held and she would actually hug us back. She never socialized well with the other cats, so she got her own room. She was with us for a brief seven years but we enjoyed her company and we believe she lived out her years comfortably until she got an inoperable cancer. Cancer in any form is a scourge treatments and cures need to be further developed for all humans and animals. We hope to see her on the Rainbow Bridge one day with all of our other cats and dogs that we have cared for and loved.

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