In Memory Of: Greta

Greta was a blessing from God. She came to me at six years old from another family who could no longer keep her. I slowly grew to love her but God knew that I needed her. She was patient with me when I was sad and she loved me no matter what. She helped me learn to love unconditionally and without reserve. She valued me for me and I loved her for her. She did not care about my external appearance, she saw the the value of my interior person and she knew she was loved. Greta loved when I sang her silly songs. She loved to look out the window and she loved to go on smelling walks at the local university and visit with students and staff. I felt safe with her. She was my support and my love. She had the loveliest curly, white and grey fur. She was the best travel companion, and could go on long drives without complaint. She wasn’t a complainer period. She just wanted her friend by her side and she was content. She loved the cold winter months. She was my everything friend.

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