In Memory Of: Hank

In 2009 I adopted Hank with Stage 4 heart worm disease. He was 2 at the time. They warned me that he would not live very long. The first treatment was unsuccessful. So I took him home with the intent to just give him comfort while he passes. One year later he qualified for the second treatment that consisted of the overnight stay. This was unsuccessful as well. For the next 9 years he lived a full life, and every year testing negative for heart worms!! Hank developed a magnetic personality that no one could resist. He loved car rides, treats, clothes, and chasing squirrels. He especially loved taunting his big sister by hiding his treats until she was done with hers…then run around with his!! Last year he was diagnosed with heart failure. Then later kidney and liver failure. We found the best Vet/staff EVER at Atascocita Animal hospital. They came up with a gameplan for Hank that would give him comfort as his health would deteriorate. On Sunday July 22, 2018 he passed very peacefully

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