In Memory Of: Harley

We picked Harley from a litter of puppies that were being given away in the parking lot of our neighborhood Wal-Mart. He captured our hearts the minute we laid eyes on him. At 7 months of age, Harley came down with Parvo and we nursed him back to health with two trips to the vet for fluids, we boiled him chicken breasts and rice and with a lot of love, he pulled through. Our bond was sealed. He loved to run, take walks with us and enjoyed a good doggie treat. After Rick has back surgery, it was hard for him to step off the back porch into the yard so Harley would stand on the back porch so still and stately so Rick could put his hand on Harley’s back to steady himself and for support to step down off the porch. When it was time for Rick to come back in the house, Harley would run ahead and again stand so still and stately. Again offering Rick his back for support and to help him back up onto the porch. We love you and miss you sweet Harley!!!

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