In Memory Of: Hunter

Hunter was born on June 14, 2009 in Milwaukee, WI and we had just lost our Golden’s Dallas and Harley. We were living in Wimberley, TX and my husband surprised me with a puppy when I picked him up at ABIA. Hunter was AKC registered as Xanthos Hunter of Lucky Stars. He was the sweetest Golden I have ever had and I have had many. He is missed very much by myself, grandkids and my husband. We feel very lost without him. We once had our 4 dogs now we have only 1 left and we will wait until it is his time to venture over the Rainbow Bridge before getting another puppy. While we have always had a Golden the others dogs in our lives have been rescues. I encourage everyone to make room for a rescue in their home even if they like a purebred. We have for our entire life had both. They bring such joy to a home no matter how large or small. Love you Hunter Bunter!

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