In Memory Of: Hunter

I was still living in South America when Hunter was taken to the shelter. A couple of weeks after we moved back to New Mexico (US), I went to the shelter to find a friend in the new town. Hunter and I just clicked. The lady at the shelter said he was supposed to have been destroyed several weeks earlier, “but I just couldn’t do it. He’s just too adoptable.” He was always by my side even after arthritis set in. Even if I was only going from one place to another in the house, he would follow me. He was very protective of me. When I would let him outside for a relief break, he would always look back at me wanting me to come outside with him. When I worked in the garden, he wanted to be in the garden with me. He was always excited to see the harness and leash come out because he knew he was going to get to go with me somewhere. In the end, I had to get a step stool to help him get in and out of the vehicle, but he still wanted to go. I will always miss my baby, my first-born.

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