In Memory Of: Jada

How can I say enough about my girl in 1000 characters? Jada came to us as a rescue when I worked for Dr. Dan Nowland, DVM as a vet tech. She had been hit by a car and was picked up and brought to our clinic by some good samaritans. She survived a broken hip that required surgery, and multiple internal injuries. After that she lived each day knowing she had been given a second chance. After a few months of recovery she could run again, as if nothing had ever happened to her and she loved to run with her pal Deacon. She loved everyone she met, and was the most loyal companion. When I was sad, she wagged her tail and licked away my tears. When I was happy she would bounce & spin & loved to play tug of war with her favorite rope toy. She was my constant shadow and loved to go on long walks. She was my comfort when I lost loved ones and during difficult times in my life. No matter what I was going through, she was my constant, my joy and my smile. She will always be missed.

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