In Memory Of: Joe ‘White Cat’

Joe was a neighborhood cat when we first met him. We just called him ‘White Cat’ as he wandered from house to house and made himself at home. One of the pictures here is of him after he apparently tried marking the undercarriage of a car – instant mustache – he was absolutely lovable, but maybe not the sharpest kitty in the neighborhood. 🙂
When we found out he had been abandoned by his owners a few years later, he found his forever home here. The neighborhood all knew him as Joe, so he became Joe ‘White Cat’ Pauli-Murphy. He was a cuddle bunny and loved absolutely everybody – he never met a stranger. Towards the end he couldn’t go out much, but his friends in the neighborhood would stop by to greet him and play with him when he did. He was a well loved kitty. We’ll all miss him so much.

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