In Memory Of: Lady

L: lovable
A: adorable
D: dog-in-a-million
Y: young-at-heart

I got Lady from a friend in 8th grade when she was 6 weeks old and she has been my baby ever since and make no mistake, I have spoiled her to the best of my abilities. She loved chasing rabbits, running the fence line, barking at delivery trucks, cuddles, belly rubs, “yum-yums”, and kisses. She loved kids and anybody who would give her an ear scratch. She was perfect and dearly loved and if love was enough, she would have stayed with us forever. Unfortunately, she started having more medical issues which started affecting her standard of living. With no other choice left when the deficits became too severe in the span of 12 hours – she could no longer see, control her bladder, stand, or walk, we had to say goodbye to her on a cool Saturday morning. She was surrounded by her family and those who loved her. We will forever miss her and remember her as our Lady, Ladybug, Buggy, Buggy-boos, and for me my baby girl.

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