In Memory Of: Leala

Leala was a Fathers Day gift from my children in 2007 and she instantly became my new “baby.” She was my adventure partner. She loved going places and being outside. She loved going hiking, fishing, swimming and just plain old hanging out with me at home (sitting beside me getting petted; she love flopping down to have her belly rubbed.)

Every morning when I would get up for work, she would stand by my side of the bed and look at me. I would say “OK” and she would jump up and take over my spot in the bed (pillows and all) and sleep there next to my wife.

She was the sweetest most well liked dog and she is missed every day. I thank God that she came into my life and that we had nine (too short) years together. I know she is in a better place where it is always sunny and she can be outside to run and play and I hope to be reunited with her one day.

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