In Memory Of: Lili

Lili made life exciting having to explain that she was a Havahuahua (50% Havanese + 50% long haired Chihuahua). For a dog barely over seven pounds she exhibited so much energy and enthusiasm. She especially loved her walks around the lake at Timberwood Park. She was a spitfire that ruled everyone in the house. Her older brother MacGyver loves and misses her because they were inseparable for 14 years. Four years ago Liam entered our family and she immediately put him in his place. Before he arrived she only barked when someone rang the doorbell. Because of Liam’s bad example she finally found her bark. And, boy, it was spectacular for such a tiny girl. It was high, shrill and very loud. I guess she just wanted to make sure she had the final word. I loved you so much. You will be in my heart for the rest of life. Thank you for allowing me to rescue you because you rescued me in return. You were my princess and “baby girl.”

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