In Memory Of: Lily

Lily was our Pack Leader, our First Adopted, our Black Beauty. We saved her from the Conroe Shelter in 2009, and she has always been the Alpha, as our pack grew to Six. Despite her commanding presence that no dog ever questioned, her style was patient and kind, full of sweetness, compassion, and understanding with a constant flare of maturity. Lily had been overlooked at the shelter for months, likely since she had heartworms, and she was cared and depressed, very withdrawn. When we adopted her, we saved her from being euthanized for space, and we got her treatment for her heartworms. She repaid her gratitude by being a loyal, obedient companion, and the reliable leader to our Pack, as we fostered other shelter dogs, and adopted five more after her. We lost her way too soon, as cancer stole her from us when she still had many more years to live. We will never forget our Lily, and our home will always be full of happy, sweet memories of her. Opt to Adopt, always!

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