In Memory Of: MacGyver

MacGyver was welcomed over the Rainbow Bridge by his dear sister, Lili, on June 14, 2023. I thought I had rescued him in March 2008, but in truth he rescued me. It was love at first sight when he came tottering across a picnic table towards me. Out of 8 Havapoo puppies, he was the 1st to come to me and crawl up onto the top of my left hand and refuse to budge. His big, warm eyes were full of adoring love and hope, so I quickly made the decision that he would be mine. MacGyver was an extraordinary dog: loving, calm, easy going, cuddly, intelligent, obedient. He loved our many long walks around the lake. He was adored by everyone who met him. especially his vet of 15 years, Dr. Claudia Alldredge, and his groomer, Linda Hendrix. He warmed my heart and soul each time he peacefully fell asleep in my arms or on my chest. Loving MacGyver was easy because he was a part of me. He was and always will be my heart, soul, and spirit. It was very difficult to say goodbye, but I will never forget him

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