In Memory Of: Max

This was Max Cat
The most Maximum Cat there ever was
A Valued Companion
A Compassionate Friend
Through difficult times
And times of New Beginnings
Exchanged this day
For Gratitude and Thankfulness
And Respect for all Life
5/2018 – 12/21/2021

Max came to our family out of seemingly nowhere. With a crooked tail, rejected by the supposed mother, crying outside our door. When I went to shoo him away he marched right in between my feet and adopted us. While my son built his new home Max grew with the house until winter became too cold and he came back to our house. I ignored him at first but his persistence won me over. In time he became my constant companion. Max had a pose or expression for every occasion. He loved the warm fireplace, playing in the tall grass, or just hanging with his buddy. We’ll never know why he had to go when he did. I guess his job was done. He rests in a beautiful garden by the walnut tree near the house he grew up with where love will always remain

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