In Memory Of: Maxwel House

Max came to us after Hurricane Ike – 10 days after my first dog Yoda passed away. He just showed up. His little paws were bloody and he looked tired. We took him in for the evening, cleaned him up and gave him something to eat. That night he burrowed himself under the covers on the bed. Little did we know that was where he would sleep for the next 9 years. Max had belonged to an elderly couple that had to surrender him when they went into a nursing home. The poor couple thought their loved dog was in good hands – but he eventually found his way to us where he got all of the love a dog could ever ask for. Max was such a huge part of our family – he will always be. As my husband and I struggled with infertility Max was always the one to offer a warm hug and be a shoulder to cry on. When we finally did have kids Max was always there with them keeping a watchful eye. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t say we love you Max. Until we meet again boo bear.

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