In Memory Of: Moses

Moses, the doG of my life. An English mastiff born on my birthday in 2004 and dearly missed since October 3, 2014.

Even though I had over 10 years with him, I loved him since the day I placed my eyes in his and first held him at 4-weeks old

Once I was told Moses had soulful eyes, and he did. Those eyes expressed deep feelings of tenderness

Moses never showed pain throughout his battles in life and surgeries. At 6 months, Moses was diagnosed with bilateral Pes valgus with a caudal bow and external rotation of the distal tibil, which meant he underwent two surgeries requiring external fixator apparatus–a year plus process. He battled other surgeries when he found the love for cardboard Pepsi boxes. His life was pampered and within our home out of the elements of mother nature, but loved snow

“A doG is God’s most precious and chosen animal. This is why they hold God’s name in reverse–doG”

I’ll see you in heaven one day Moses. Until then, everlasting love

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