In Memory Of: Nikki

Ms. Nikki was a 61 year old yellow nape amazon I was honored enough to be asked to adopt the early summer of 2020. She came to me with some health issues but through all of that was still a lively girl. In the process of trying to improve and ultimately lengthen her life she tragically was lost on the surgery table in July of 2021. Its been about six weeks now but I still miss her chatter and singing. I didn’t get much time with this sweet girl but I know that I loved her and all those she came in contact fell in love with her. She had been very loved before I came to have her in my life and I only wish I had been given the opportunity to have known her first owners. She will never be forgotten by me or many others. When I left the vet the morning of her surgery, I told her to be good. I know she was. Rest in peace sweet Nikki girl. I love you and I miss you. She is resting under the big tree in the back yard she enjoyed the final year of her life.

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