In Memory Of: Nitro Man

Nitro you stole a huge piece of my heart and took it with you when you left us. You were my once in a lifetime pet to sear into my soul. You tolerated many new siblings including cats with a firm stance so they understood you were the king of our castle. Although you had many health problems for the past two years, you took your meds like a champ and kept your puppy like energy in life… right up to the last morning. Although my heart is broken, we’ll be together again… that I know. My biggest fear was leaving you with daddy and your 3 brothers for 5 months while I cared for my momma in hospice… picked out your urn just in case. Thankfully we had 4 beautiful months together once I returned and you are now on momma’s lap. Run free little man, until we meet again. Always my heart. Love Momma, Daddy, Astro, Turbo & Gunner.

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