In Memory Of: Oliver

My daughter found Oliver in a parking lot at work on the 21st of July. Just thrown out with no food or water. He was starving and very thin. We took him to the ER and was treated and tested for all the main diseases. He seemed fine except for and eye infection that kept one eye from opening completely. He just needed time to put on weight. The next day he was running fever, back to the ER. This went on until the 30th. All kinds of meds and sub Q. Then Oliver started breathing fast. Tests showed he had pneumonia. Now different meds. By August 4th he was needing fluids drained of his lungs. On August 6th he had more fluids drained and was on oxygen, but nothing helped and tests determined Oliver was suffering from FIP. His short life was mainly pain and vet visits, but for the last 16 days of his life he was loved. You are missed dearly little guy. Goodbye for now, until we meet again.

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