In Memory Of: Orange Pete

Orange Pete was born in a field in Comal County. He was about 3-years-old when he wandered up to what would become his furever home.
He was indeed a very special cat. He offered a loving connection by providing comfort in our times of sickness or sorrow and companionship in our times of need.
He was also very funny and entertaining. He “sang” along to his daddy’s songs, and he tickled his mom to make her laugh. He had a habit I’ve never seen in any other feline that we called “laying eggs” when he would knead on you with his front paws and then kick his back legs like a chicken scratching the ground.
He was always a good sport. Changing the bed sheets was never a chore with him around. He turned it into a fun family activity.
Sadly, he left us way too soon. But because he was Pete, he even said goodbye in his own special way when it was his time to go.
Our sweet little fella, Orange Pete, will always be loved and missed very much.
-His loving folks,
Jason & Veronica Gordon

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